I get to work in a world of pure magic. As an actress, they usually cast me as a gregarious, alluring, take-no-prisoners woman. There are more than 30 amazing films I have worked in with incredible people. I am 100 % bilingual, in the English-Spanish languages. Training beginner level of wrestling / stage combat scares me but excites me! I started as an opera singer and toured all over Mexico before becoming an actress. I enjoy salsa dancing, love people and discovering the intricacies of the human mind. I recently debuted as a film director and producer with a powerful and inspiring story. Altitude Not Attitude won best documentary in a couple of film festivals and is Official Selection in 13 more. It will be in most of your streaming services soon. I could not be more grateful for the beautiful opportunities life has given me. There are more wonderful things coming up. So, click away, book me, follow me in all my social media pages, subscribe and join my parade.

The year 2020 allowed me to grow in other areas of my life; I focused on acquiring accolades while pushing hard through the film festival circuit for my directorial debut, our multi-award-winning documentary Altitude Not Attitude. It premiered at the Landmark Theater in West Hollywood in June 2021. Check out the raving reviews by the critics here! Also, learning how to package some of my knowledge and experiences as an actress, to empower and guide upcoming talent with my online courses, has been tremendously fulfilling. Please take a look below to learn more and thank you for your love and support!

Magi Avia
Actress / Director / Producer

A six module course to be completed in just six weeks! With four rich lessons and action steps to start your acting career with a rock solid structure!

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